About Us

Why do we only give 50% of the money raised to our causes?

BLESS operates as a social enterprise. After deducting operational costs, the net profit is donated to our causes. As such, BLESS has chosen two main causes to support, in line with our current profits.

However, BLESS is also about blessing people every step of the way. BLESS hires single mothers, Orang Asli, refugees and even ex drug-rehab patients to be part our team. We want to give them the fair opportunity of building a career and earning income. The staff are employed to sort through donations that come in as well as work at our various outlets as retail assistants.

How do we support each cause?

BLESS uses the funds to provide about 1000 Myanmar refugee children meals everyday. We also give educational material to 12 Myanmar refugee children learning centres located in the Klang Valley. RM52.80 per child per month is allocated for their meals and educational supplies. (The learning centres we support include: Karen, Sunway Mentari, Zomi, Zophei, Mizo, Lautu, United LC, Zo Children School, Dai, Hope, Alliance of Chin Refugee School, MRCLC).

The money given to the Kenosis and Rainbow Home drug rehabilitation centres is to support their operational expenses. BLESS sponsors RM110.70 per member per month.

What else does BLESS do?

BLESS also donates clothing and household items to Orang Asli settlements in Kg Cheros, Cameron Highlands, Kg Terkis and Kiol in Jerantut, Kg Jentung A and B in Slim River as well as poor students at Masterweld Academy.

Why does BLESS recycle donations?

We always encourage the general public to only donate items that are in good condition. However, sometimes, donations come to us in less than desirable conditions. At BLESS, we do not believe in wasting anything. As such, we send the rejected donations that cannot be sold at our outlets to the Shuang Fu (Dual Blessing Bhd) organisation for people with disabilities (PWD).

The History of BLESS Shop?

In 1999, a small group of big-hearted women wanted to reach out to the community but found that they were lacking the funds to do so. They started out by rummaging through their closets to sell their personal belongings at flea markets to get the ball rolling.

Soon after, donations started coming in and as the natural disasters of 2004 and 2005 struck the neighbouring countries, it also struck a chord in many hearts as ceaseless donations came pouring in. Thus creating a slight problem for the team as storage became an issue.

A magnanimous brother in Christ provided a solution to this issue by giving the Bless Ministry full use of his premises in Tasik Selatan and the pioneer BLESS Shop was born.

What started out as small projects like flea market sales in Amcorp Mall and Mont Kiara, eventually grew to the string of collective shops we now call BLESS Shops.

Slightly over a year after the opening of the pioneer store in Bandar Tasik Selatan, the second BLESS Shop was opened in Midvalley Megamall, followed by the third in Semua House two years later, the fourth and fifth every two years following in Kelana Jaya and Citta Mall.

What is BLESS?

BLESS is an acronym for Bringing Life and Evangelism through Social Services. It is a ministry started by SIBKL to help the less fortunate communities. BLESS Shop specifically raises money to fund projects under them including:-

1. Kenosis Homes for Drug Rehabilitation (http://www.kenosis.org.my/)

2. Crossroads Ministry – Rainbow Home for Troubled Women (http://www.sibkl.org.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=139&Itemid=261)

3. Feeding 1000 Myanmar refugee children to give them one solid meal daily

4. Supporting over a hundred volunteer teachers to teach the Myanmar refugee children the English language.

The BLESS Shops carry a wide selection of second-hand goods as well as brand new goods that are donated to BLESS by the many generous people in the Klang Valley. Beautiful things ranging from clothes to shoes to small furniture to home decoration to jewellery can be found at BLESS Shops.

The price for goods start at a very low price of RM3 and all proceeds contribute to the charitable works that BLESS is involved in.